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The Expedia Channel features the most useful tips from travel experts, our staff and YOU, our customers.

Busan Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/Busan.d602043.Destination-Travel-Guides Busan sits on the Korean Peninsula’s southern coastline, just a short flight from Asian capitals like Beijing and Tokyo. Busan’s coastline offers scenery to match your every mood. Just a 40-minute subway ride from Busan Station is the city’s star attraction, Haeundae Beach. For total relaxation, unroll your towel on the half-moon curve of Gwangalli Beach. Seeking a little enlightenment? Make a wish at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, one of the few temples in Korea built by the ocean. While Busan’s story has been shaped by the sea, it’s a city equally defined by its mountains. On Mt Cheonma, hike to the observation platform to see “Dynamic Busan” spread out before you. In the city’s north, ride the cable car to Geumgang Park, home to Busan’s highest peak. During the Korean War, Busan became a safe haven for refugees who built their makeshift homes on the city's steep hillsides. After years of keeping their noses to the grindstone, the residents of Gamcheon have embraced their creative side, transforming their neighborhood into one of the city’s top tourist attractions. Gamcheon’s makeover symbolizes Busan’s new-found creative energy. See this energy in its world-class museums, galleries and festivals. Hear it in the bustle of its shopping streets. Taste it in a cuisine, which lures foodies from all over the globe. And feel it, as the city erupts in light each night, just like the displays of its annual lantern festival. Welcome to Busan, a feast for all the senses, and the soul.

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Yogyakarta Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/Yogyakarta.d1718.Destination-Travel-Guides The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta rests in central Java, between the cool breezes of the Indian Ocean and the steamy breath of volcanoes. The home of kings, sultans, artists and the devout since the 8th-century, Yogyakarta is the gentle epicenter of Javanese classical culture and education. Follow Jalan Malioboro to the very soul of the city, the Kraton. Since 1785, this city within a city has been the home of sultans and the keeping place of Yogyakarta’s incredible cultural, intellectual and spiritual traditions. Just 10 miles to the north east of the city, venture back to the eighth and ninth centuries, to a time when Buddhism and Hinduism vied for the kingdom’s hearts and minds. Visit Prambanan, the heart of a Hindu temple network that stretches for miles, and Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Explore the rural back roads and meet the villagers who live calmly and creatively within the shadow of Mount Merapi, whose moods have toppled temples and buried villages with ash. Despite the tremors of our unsteady, ever-changing world, Yogyakarta is a place that steadies the spirit, and inspires the soul.

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Palm Springs Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/Palm-Springs.d180676.Destination-Travel-Guides The desert oasis of Palm Springs lies at the western edge of the Coachella Valley in California, just under two hours from Los Angeles. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is dedicated to displaying species from arid environments, the zoo is home to hardy creatures from all over the globe. Watch as the native Desert Bighorn Sheep effortlessly traverse rocky mountain slopes. Visit Sunnylands Centre and Gardens, where national and global issues are peacefully discussed by world leaders at the onsite conference center. Delve deeper into the history of Palm Springs, by visiting Indian Canyons. Admire the thriving fan palms, whose fruit once provided rich sustenance for the area’s earliest inhabitants, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. The clan also wove the leaves into huts, baskets and sandals. Make your way to Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium, which is home to over 3,000 species of prickly, spiky and furry desert plants. Take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up into the misty wilderness of Mt San Jacinto Peak. From here, travelers have access to 50 miles of scenic hiking tracks. Wander the exhibits at the Palm Springs Art Museum and discover the creativity that this spring-fed city continues to inspire.

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U.S. Virgin Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/US-Virgin-Islands.d186.Destination-Travel-Guides The U.S. Virgin Islands are situated in the Caribbean, just a three-hour flight from Miami. Located southwest of the British Virgin Islands, the U.S. Virgins are made up of three main islands and surrounded by around fifty smaller cays and islets. The largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix was first named Santa Cruz by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Taste the historical flavors of the island at the Cruzan Rum Distillery, where the spirit of St Croix has been lovingly bottled for over 200 years. Estate Whim Museum was one of the most prosperous sugar plantations in the region, and today it remains a favorite stop for history lovers. Frederiksted is the island’s main port town. Plagued by pirates, the Dutch built Fort Frederik here in the 1750s. Admire the island’s colorful European influence in Christiansted. Once the capital of the Danish West Indies, this town is a postcard-worthy example of Danish architecture and style. Just a 20-minute flight north of St Croix is St. Thomas, the second largest island in the territory. St. Thomas is home to the U.S. Virgin Island’s capital, Charlotte Amalie, a bustling port town which is often dominated by huge luxury liners. Commanding views of the port can be enjoyed from the top of the St Thomas Skyride, or Blackbeard’s Castle. Once you’ve explored St. Thomas, take the short ferry ride to St. John. Step ashore at Cruz Bay, the largest of this island’s towns. Visit the Annaberg Plantation, whose mills fell silent when slavery was abolished. Wander through the old slave quarters and crumbling windmill which overlooks Leinster Bay. Explore more plantation ruins just off the shoreline at Cinnamon Bay, where Mother Nature reclaims the time-worn stone structures with each passing year. Many European countries occupied the U.S Virgin Islands throughout their history until the United States purchased them from Denmark in 1917. Over 100 years later, the islands remain a U.S. territory, popular with American vacationers as they require no passport and the primary currency is the U.S. dollar.

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Helsinki Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/Helsinki.d178261.Destination-Travel-Guides Finland’s thriving waterfront capital, Helsinki, is situated at the northeastern edge of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Russia. Start voyaging through Helsinki’s history by taking the ferry from Market Square to Suomenlinna Fortress, the battlements of which have protected the Gulf of Finland for almost 300 years. Helsinki has an abundance of museums and galleries across the city, including the Helsinki Design Museum, which features a permanent exhibition devoted to the great moments of Finnish design. Continue your design journey at Temppeliaukio Church, a favorite with touring musicians. Helsinki is home to many structures dedicated to theatrical and musical productions. Two of the most iconic are Finlandia Hall and the Helsinki Music Centre. Wander through Esplanadi, often referred to as the living room of the city. From here, walk north to Senate Square, which fans out from the fatherly gaze of Emperor Alexander II. Climb the stairs to the foot of Helsinki Cathedral, a breathtaking whitewashed structure that towers above the rest of the city. Stare up at the twelve apostles, ten-foot-tall zinc statues which stand like wise custodians. In stark contrast to Helsinki Cathedral is its brooding younger brother, Uspenski Cathedral. Built with dark bricks, the cathedral is powerfully conspicuous as it rises from the surrounding white granite of the Katajanokka district. Celebrations of education and creativity mean Helsinki is a city designed for life. Its long-held reputation as one of the world’s happiest places lures people from all over the world. And now, it is calling to you.

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Madeira Island Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/Madeira-Island.d11326.Destination-Travel-Guides Pushed by volcanic forces from the sea floor into the warm trade winds of the North Atlantic, are the dramatic cliffs of Madeira. Volcanic activity may have settled millennia ago, but the island’s rich soils and spring climate means Madeira explodes in lush vegetation all year round. Madeira’s capital, Funchal, was named after the wild fennel which once carpeted its hillsides. Walk streets paved with patterned stonework that evokes the spirit of Portuguese culture and pride. Explore centuries-old churches and homes, which have endured pirate raids, German U-boat attacks, and earthquakes. From Funchal, head west to Cabo Girão, one of the world’s mightiest cliffs. You’ll find colossal views just a fifteen-minute drive east of Funchal too. At Garajau, watch divers far below enjoying the undersea gardens of the marine reserve. Madeira’s ring road strings together coastal towns and beaches, each one a little different from the last. If you’re looking for the island’s sunniest spot, head to Ponta do Sol. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, head to the old sugar town of Arco da Calheta and enjoy a honey cake. And if the rumbling sound of breakers is your idea of relaxation, spend a night or two at Paul do Mar. Madeira’s northern coastline offers plenty of drama and adventure too. Feel the power of the Atlantic in the natural swimming pools of Porto Moniz. If you’re keen on hiking the levadas into the mist-covered interior, the town of Seixal makes an ideal base. Less than an hour’s drive from Funchal is Pico do Arieiro, Madeira’s third highest peak. From here, experienced hikers can follow knife-edged trails to even higher peaks, the same peaks that guided Portuguese mariners to Madeira six centuries ago.

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Guernsey Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/Guernsey.d1290.Destination-Travel-Guides Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands. Just twenty-five square miles in area, this pocket-sized British Crown dependency is big on sunshine, serenity and history.    St. Peter Port, is one of Europe’s prettiest harbor towns. Standing guard over the capital for over 800 years is Castle Cornet, which houses some of the island’s finest museums.    Continue your history lesson back in town, at the Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery. Just outside in Candie Gardens, stands a tribute to the literary giant, Victor Hugo, who fell under Guernsey’s spell in the 19th century.    Follow coastal paths, which pass coastal forts like Clarence Battery and sheltered beaches like Petit Bot Bay. While Guernsey’s coastline often steals the show, you’ll find plenty to explore inland too, such as the nature trails and floral displays of Saumarez Park and Sausmarez Manor.    Step into the damp netherworld of the German Underground Hospital, a maze of tunnels hewn from solid rock during World War Two. On the outskirts of St Peter Port, a former U-Boat fuel depot houses the La Vallette Underground Military Museum.    After the war, German equipment littered the island. The German Occupation Museum displays an incredible array of this wartime memorabilia, and pays tribute to the resourceful islanders who endured the years of occupation.     After spending a few hours wandering through the shadows of war, stepping back into the island’s sea air and sunshine is all more the sweeter.

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Ljubljana Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/Ljubljana.d2085.Destination-Travel-Guides Situated in Slovenia’s heart lies its capital, Ljubljana, a small but innovative city with a car-free heart, a hip attitude and a mythical history. Step into the narrow streets of the town center, where instead of traffic you’ll hear bicycle bells, and instead of gridlock you’ll find river banks lined with cafes, pubs and historic architecture. Ride the funicular to Ljubljana Castle, a beloved landmark that has been standing above the city for more than 900 years.Then head to Preseren Square, named after France Preseren, whose poem “A Toast” became the country’s national anthem. Stroll to nearby Congress Square and Park Zvezda. From here, you can see the University of Ljubljana, one of the largest places of learning in Europe. Visit the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra building, one of the world’s oldest musical institutions with famous connections to composers such as Beethoven and Brahms. Cross the Dragon Bridge, famous for its fearsome dragon statues, whose tails are said to twitch when a pure and untouched maiden is nearby. Pick up a free bicycle rental and follow the Jokopic Promenade to the Tivoli Castle and check out the print collection at the International Centre of Graphic Arts. Immerse yourself in art of a different kind in the Metelkova Mesto, a funky cultural zone which hosts more than 1500 events each year. Ljubljana may have taken a dragon as its symbol but unlike that mythical beast, this city is welcoming, warm and delighted to share its treasures with visitors.

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Jersey Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/Jersey.d55539.Destination-Travel-Guides 100 miles from the coast of Britain and just 14 off the coast of France is Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. Jersey is compact, making it easy to explore. Country lanes and walking trails lace the island, ensuring Jersey’s attractions are never far away. After exploring the picture-perfect capital, St. Helier, head off to explore the island. Each of Jersey’s four coastlines has its own distinctive personality. Head eastward to La Hougue Bie, one of the world’s oldest buildings, and the port of Gorey, with its iconic medieval castle. Be sure to take in a few sections of the North Coast Path, which offers some of the island’s most dramatic views. Then head south along the west coast to St. Ouen’s Bay, where surfers will find some of the island’s best waves and history buffs can explore the Channel Islands Military Museum. On the southern coast, don’t miss the sheltered sands of St. Brelade, the WW2 German command bunker at Noirmont Point, the tiny islet of Janvrin’s Tomb, and St. Aubin’s Fort. While the coastline serves up Jersey’s finest views, the island’s interior offers plenty for visitors too, such as the Jersey War Tunnels, the Hamptonne Country Life Museum, the Pallot Steam and Motor Museum and the Jersey Zoo. If you’re looking for history, adventure, incredible food, and total relaxation, Jersey weaves it all together into something truly magical. It’s not quite British and it’s not quite French, but Jersey is 100% unique.

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Ilha Grande Bay Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/Ilha-Grande-Bay.d6069922.Destination-Travel-Guides Brazil’s Costa Verde is an incredible ribbon of coastline between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Here the emerald jungles of the Serra do Mar plunge into the Atlantic in spectacular fashion, but nowhere more so, than at Ilha Grande Bay. Just a two-hour bus ride from the non-stop-energy of Rio, Ilha Grande Bay offers rhythms that are in total tune with nature. Once here, you’ll find yourself caring less about finding the perfect Wi-Fi signal, and more about connections of a deeper kind. One hundred miles to the southwest of Rio is the historic port town of Angra dos Reis. Once slave ships unloaded human cargoes bound for the vast coffee plantations of the interior. Today the port is a popular escape for Rio’s harried locals. Once you’ve explored the town, there are endless beaches to enjoy, while offshore, over 350 islands are calling. Climb aboard a ferryboat or set sail on a schooner to the bay’s undisputed jewel, Ilha Grande. For much of last century, this incredible island was home to Brazil’s Alcatraz. What was once purgatory for the country’s most notorious felons is now heaven for nature lovers. For those seeking the best kinds of treasures, Ilha Grande’s riches know no bounds.

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Portland, Maine Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/Portland.d181420.Destination-Travel-Guides Portland, Saco, Cape Porpoise and Kennebunkport sit on the southern coastline of Maine. Part of Portland’s great charm is its working waterfront. Amble down Commercial Street and spend a few hours drifting around the many wharves and piers. Then, follow the salty breezes through the streets and lanes of the historic port district. Tour the ornate rooms of Victoria Mansion, and visit the historic home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, one of America’s most beloved poets. Head west along Congress Street to the Portland Museum of Art. Many of the artists whose works feature here were inspired by Portland’s coastline, including one of the giants of American Art, Winslow Homer. Cross the Fore River to South Portland and peer through the gun ports of Historic Fort Preble. Just below the fort is the Spring Point Ledge Light, one of the smaller of Maine’s 57 active lighthouses, while just a few miles south, on Cape Elizabeth, stands one of New England’s most beautiful, Portland Head Light. Seven miles south of Portland is Scarborough, where families have been returning to sleepy havens like Higgins Beach for generations. From here, let the bend of Saco Bay sweep you further south to Saco, Cape Porpoise and Kennebunkport. On your way back to Portland, grab a ticket and take a ride at the Seashore Trolley Museum, the largest collection of streetcars in the world. Welcome to Portland. It’s more than just a city by the sea, it’s a song.

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Merida Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/Merida.d6023536.Destination-Travel-Guides Mérida is the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan. While much of the peninsula is famed for its resorts, Mérida is the epicentre of Yucatan culture, history and pride. Radiating from Plaza Grande are pastel streets filled with architectural treasures and cool parks. In the late 1800s, Yucatan became the centre of henequen production, and Mérida fast became one of the world’s wealthiest cities. Take a walk up Paseo de Montejo, an avenue inspired by the great boulevards of Paris, where Yucatan’s elite built their stately homes. Mérida is filled with windows into the past, including its many museums, which cover everything from Yucatan song to the folk arts of Mexico. Just a short walk south from Plaza Grande is the Museum of The City of Merida, which charts the rich and sometimes turbulent history of Yucatan’s capital. Once the residence of a former governor and general, Palacio Cantón is now home to Yucatan’s Anthropology and History Museum. While nearby, the Great Museum of the Mayan World creates a striking contrast to Mérida’s historic streetscapes. Mérida is surrounded by ancient Mayan cities such as Dzibilchaltun, Mayapan, Uxmal, and Chichén Itza. The Yucatan Peninsula has also been blessed with an incredible network of over 6000 cenotes. Some, such as the Sacred Cenote of Chichén Itza, were considered portals to the afterlife. Today, many of these cenotes are the perfect places to cool off. But of course, there’s nowhere better to wash away the Yucatan dust than back in Mérida, one of the most cultural, historic and coolest cities in all of Mexico.

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Long Island Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/Long-Island.d602887.Destination-Travel-Guides Long Island stretches eastward for 115 miles, from the New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens to the bluffs of Montauk Point.   Take the short train ride from Manhattan to the sands of Long Beach, which for many is where Long Island begins. From here, Long Island’s protective barrier islands continue all the way to Westhampton Island. Halfway along the chain, visit Fire Island Lighthouse, which for generations of immigrants was their first glimpse of America.   Many of those immigrants went on to create vast financial empires, and it was on Long Island’s northern shores where they built the mansions that would inspire F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby.   At the Cradle of Aviation Museum in nearby Hempstead, discover how Long Island launched generations of aviators into the wild blue yonder. Nearby, continue your flight into the past at the American Airpower Museum.   In the mid 1800s, well-to-do New Yorkers were drawn to the unspoiled beaches of Long Island’s East End. Today, the pioneer settlement of Southampton Village is a place where history and style have blended as smoothly as the spirits in a Long Island Iced Tea. The past been also been beautifully preserved in nearby Sag Harbor, a historic whaling port immortalized in Moby Dick.   Just a 30-minute drive east from Sag Harbor is Montauk, a place locals refer to as “The End”. America’s first president, George Washington, commissioned Montauk Lighthouse on Long Island’s easternmost point. Climb to the top to take in the sweeping views of this place that has played center stage in some of America’s greatest stories.

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Gibraltar Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/Gibraltar.d66.Destination-Travel-Guides Although it covers less than 3 square miles, Gibraltar’s strategic location has made it one of the most fought over places in Europe. For centuries, it has withstood political manoeuvring, sieges and battles and today, with its red call boxes, Union Jacks and high street shops, Gibraltar staunchly stands as a small pocket of England in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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Lisbon Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/Lisbon-District.d178278.Destination-Travel-Guides From its days as a Phoenician outpost to its expansion into a 16th century trading giant, from the Great Earthquake of 1755 to its glorious reconstruction, Lisbon has long been a city of shifting fortunes.   Lisbon has forever been linked to the sea and it’s on the waterfront where you’ll find the city’s grand gateway, Praça do Comércio. Pass beneath the triumphal arch, a tribute to the city’s reconstruction, and drift down Rua Augusta to another of Lisbon’s great squares, the Rossio.   Climb aboard Tram 28, which passes some of the city’s most iconic sights, then climb the battlements of Castelo de São Jorge to see the red tiled roofs of Lisbon spread out before you.   Although the Great Earthquake reduced much of Lisbon to rubble, the ancient suburb of Alfama was spared. Lose yourself amid the cobblestones, where cafes, bars and artisan shops have taken residence in the dockworkers homes of old. As the sun gets low, join locals in a fado bar to hear heartrending songs of the working class.   20 miles west of the city is Cascais, a sleepy fishing village until Lisbon’s nobility discovered its golden bays in the late 1800s.  Another playground for Portugal’s Monarchs was Sintra, which Hans Christian Andersen called the most beautiful place in Portugal.   After Sintra, spend a few days exploring some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, such as Praia das Maçãs, Adraga and Ursa. At Cape Roca, stand upon the clifftop, which until the 14th century was considered the end of the world.

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Frankfurt Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/Frankfurt.d179894.Destination-Travel-Guides For centuries, Frankfurt has been one of Europe’s most important trading capitals. Today, Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank, the German Stock Exchange and an airport, which handles almost 60 million travelers a year.   Despite its stature as a financial giant, Frankfurt remains surprisingly compact. Most of its attractions are clustered close to the city centre, making the city perfect for exploring on foot or by bicycle.   Cross the Eiserner Steg into Frankfurt’s ancient heart, the Römerberg. After being devastated by allied bombs in World War Two, many of the square’s most important buildings have been lovingly restored. From the Römerplatz, head deeper into the old city to discover important buildings such as Paulskirche and Goethe-Haus.   In the eighteenth century the city’s elite built villas across the river from the old town. Today, many of these villas house specialist museums, such as the German Film Museum, the German Architecture Museum and the Stadel Museum.   Just behind the museum embankment, lose yourself in Old Sachsenhausen, where you’ll find narrow lanes lined with traditional houses and some of the city’s best ebbelwei pubs.   Once you’ve replenished your energy, hop on a tram to the city’s northwest and spend a few hours at the Frankfurt Botanical Gardens and Palmengarten. 70 years ago, as the city smoldered from war, few could have imagined that these greenhouses would ever again see such beauty, that this city would ever again experience such peace and prosperity.

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Seoul Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/explore/south-korea/seoul.d178308 Welcome to Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Start your adventure at the K-Style Hub, a state-of-the-art visitor centre where South Korea’s past, present and future converge.   At the head of Gwanghwamun Square sits the statue of Sejong the Great, whose reign oversaw a golden age of literature, science and technology. The great leader sits before the grandest of Seoul’s five royal palaces, Gyeongbokgung, the Palace of Shining Happiness.   A short bus or subway ride to the east, are the adjoining palaces of Changdeokgung and Changgyeongung, while just to the south at Deoksugung Palace, see the changing of the guard which takes place three times each day. Just to the west, is the last of Seoul’s great palaces, Gyeonghuigung, a royal refuge in times of unrest.   After exploring Seoul’s temple complexes, see how ordinary Koreans once lived at the Namsangol Hanok Village. Then explore the Korea Furniture Museum where over 2000 exquisite items of furniture are displayed within ten traditional houses. The story of Korean craftsmanship continues at the National Museum of Korea, which houses national treasures such as the Ten Story Pagoda.   Close to Seoul’s great South Gate is Namdaemun Market, where locals have been bargaining hard for over 600 years. Looking for some Gangnam style? Head just upriver to Samseong-dong, the Beverly Hills of Seoul.   Spend a few hours in the wooded surrounds of the Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple, a peaceful antidote to the fierce pace of Seoul’s shopping. Then hike to the peak of Namsan, and take in the sweeping views from Seoul’s iconic tower. When the sun gets low, join locals on the banks of the Han River to see the Banpo Bridge erupt in waves of water and light.

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Dunedin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/explore/otago/dunedin.d6048046 The industrious Scots made their mark all over New Zealand, but nowhere is the Caledonian spirit more alive than in Dunedin. Set at the head of the South Island’s Otago Harbour, the city center is shaped by The Octagon. From here, wander down Stuart Street to New Zealand’s most photographed building, Dunedin Railway Station. Just up the tracks, venture back in time at the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum, while just across town is the Otago Museum. Retracing centuries of history can be thirsty work, so combine a little learning with leisure, at Speight’s Brewery, which has been serving up the Pride of the South since 1876. Then stretch your legs on St Clair Beach, a popular summertime hangout for generations of Dunedinites. Rent a car and head into the peninsula’s hills to Larnach Castle. Further up the peninsula is the Ōtākou Marae, the hub of Ngāi Tahu cultural life. The peninsula comes to an end at Taiaroa Head, home to the world’s only mainland albatross breeding colony. In Dunedin’s North, visit rare Yellow Eyed Penguins at Shag Point. Then just up the road at Hampden, marvel at the mysterious Moeraki Boulders. At the historic port town of Omaru, Victorian warehouses have become places where imaginations run free, earning the town the title of The Steampunk Capital of the World. If it’s total isolation you’re yearning for, turn southward to the sparsely-populated Catlins Coast, and for even more adventures, head west into the rugged interior of Central Otago.

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Taranaki Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

https://www.expedia.com/Taranaki.d6047979.Destination-Travel-Guides Taranaki is a region on the west coast of New Zealand’s north island, about a five- hour drive south of Auckland. It is named after the dramatic volcanic mountain that dominates its skyline, and known for its spectacular landscapes. Set against a canvas of endless hiking tracks, pristine surf breaks and world-class skiing, Taranaki is a region where nature and creativity are intimately entwined. Art is everywhere here. It’s in the jaw dropping landscapes. It’s in the art trails and festivals peppered throughout the region. It’s even in the bridges and on the wind.

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Lake Tahoe Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

https://www.expedia.com/explore/greater-sacramento/lake-tahoe.d180041 Filled with over 39 trillion gallons of pure Sierra snowmelt and pushed a mile into the Californian and Nevada skies, Lake Tahoe is the USA’s largest alpine lake and one of the country’s oldest, year-round vacation playgrounds. Lake Tahoe has forever drawn travellers to its shores, from the Native Americans who call this place Big Water, to the trappers, timber cutters and pioneers who followed. When you’re ready for a little alpine magic, take the four-hour drive from San Francisco to the sunlit shores of Kings Beach. Set on Tahoe’s northern end, this beach was named after local card shark, Joe King, who used his winnings to develop some of the lake’s earliest lodgings. On the lake’s southern shore, is Pope Beach, where you’ll find another Tahoe institution, Camp Richardson. From Pope Beach follow the bike path to the Taylor Creek Visitor Center. An open-air classroom for the entire family, the center features fabulous interpretative walks such as the Rainbow Trail. Nearby, at DL Bliss State Park, follow the spectacular Rubicon Trail into neighboring Emerald Bay State Park. This park is home to the Eagle Falls Trail, a moderate two-mile hike that takes in some of the Sierra high country’s finest views. When the ponderosa pines bend with the season’s first snow, Tahoe transforms into the nation’s favorite winter playground. Whether you’re looking for snow-capped peaks or crystal clear coves, places to bond with loved ones or pockets of pure solitude, The Lake in the Sky has it all.

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