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Deep science. Sweet harmony.

The Molecular Shape of You (Ed Sheeran Parody) | A Capella Science

I'm in love with your bonding orbitals. Support A Capella Science: Subscribe! ---------------- NANA APP: iOS: Android: My nana account: Facebook page: Instagram: @nanamusic_official Website: ---------------- A CAPELLA SCIENCE STUFF: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Bohemian Gravity poster: MP3: Follow me @acapellascience on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat! ---------------- LYRICS: A dot isn't the best way to try to sum up how electrons come and go They are the states of a matter field that follows and equation that Dirac wrote The Schrodinger part of the whole equation will just lead In sub-c when it expands Now get that Coulomb and add it in with a proton And watch them start to dance As hydrogen it's like "Oh proton I feel your tug Central potential dip down pulling on me But I'm not falling in deep No that would break uncertainty" "Say oh Electrons move too much Slow down your pace and put that orbit on me Come on now follow my lead Come come on now follow my lead Orbitals take the shape they do As stable states of the quantum rules And when a one approaches two They combine and they're bonding Thus hydrogen as a rule Is found in nature as H2 Energy configuring a molecule Diatomically bonding Low high low high low high low high Diatomically bonding (x3) Energy cofiguring a molecule When orbitals take the shape they do 1/2 spin'll give a lepton a twin One up one down in the ground state With S and P in quadruple degeneracy The second shell can be filled up with eight The higher angular powers spread out like beautiful flowers In middle families they come into play Well here's a carbon with 6e This ain't nothing tricksy But we're gonna make some methane today With hydrogen it's like "Oh atoms I feel your tug Got my electrons bugged out pulling on me Come on now settle round me I'll hybridize to sp3" "Say oh Carbon here's touch Spread out 109.47 degrees Come on now follow our lead Come come on now follow our lead" Molecules take the shape they do Combining states of the quantum rules Like when a shell goes sp2 For sigma pi double bonding And as widely as their purview They spread out in the molecule Look at benzene in a ring they hold it true Aromatically bonding Low high low high low high low high Aromatically bonding (x3) Look at benzene in a ring they hold it true When orbitals take the shape they do Come bond with me baby, come bond (x8) Polymers take the shape they do Combining base-level residues Like RNA's ACGU Look they're hydrogen bonding! Peptides make a chain and group In beta pleat sheets and corkscrews With these secondary links they fold and move They're all over your body Come bond with me baby, come bond (x6) You're a chemical machine It's best you knew That molecules take the shape of you. Copyright 2017 Tim Blais and A Capella Science Original music by Ed Sheeran

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A Capella Science - The Surface Of Light! (Lion King Parody)

SUPPORT A CAPELLA SCIENCE ON PATREON: Buy this song on iTunes: Amazon: Bohemian Gravity poster: Subscribe! -----OTHER LINKS FROM THE END-SCREEN----- "The Surface of Light" Live Performance: "Lent (Rent Parody)" Collab w/ Tom Zalatnai: A Capella Science playlist: CMB playlist: TimBlais Music: The Electric Radio: Reuben War: -----SOCIAL MEDIA----- FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: -----IMAGE CREDITS----- Cosmic microwave background seen by Planck - Credit: ESA and the Planck Collaboration Hubble Deep Field - Credit: R. Williams (STScI), the Hubble Deep Field Team and NASA Timeline of the Universe (No Text) - Credit: NASA / WMAP Science Team Dark Sector Lab - Credit: Steffen Richter, Harvard University BICEP2 B-mode Signal - Credit: BICEP2 Collaboration Artist's impression of the Planck spacecraft - Credit: ESA - C. Carreau Planck Cosmic microwave background Polarisation filtered around 5 degrees (Feb 2015) - Credit: ESA and the Planck Collaboration -----LYRICS----- Cosmic background All the heat coming off (See it cool, recombine) Recombining hot plasma Cosmic background, Oh from an era before (CMB) Concrete matter (Hot plasma) Looking back (Through that light) To the origin (The Big Bang) (Looking for inflation in the cosmos) All of space is alive with an ambiance Unblinking since matter was young A swarm that screens all the earlier scenes From our view of how the world was begun We scour for clues still imprinted On that light waiting there to be found And at the South Pole we spy Within the black starless sky Great swirling forms in the plasma cloud In the surface of light (Looking for a confirmation / In the background radiation) (PLANCK and BICEP!) That we'll use to show (Frozen waves of gravitation / Born as quantum fluctuation) If inflation's force (Caught up in cosmic inflation / Causing their amplification) Through space has rung (Give B-mode polarization / To light at recombination) Will we find our waves (Their purported observation / Was a cause for jubilation) In the polarizing (At a South Pole science station / But had faulty estimation) In the surface (Of a dusty compensation / Calling off the celebration) The surface of light (And with this new implication / Now we need more information) PLANCK: Hey BICEP! BICEP: Yeah Planck? PLANCK: Ever wonder what those swirly patterns are up there? BICEP: Planck! I don't wonder; I know! PLANCK: Oh. What are they? BICEP: They're gravity waves! Gravity waves that, uh, got stuck up in that big cosmic background thing! PLANCK: Oh geez! I always thought they were clouds of dust glowing billions of miles away! BICEP: Planck, with you, everything's dust. It's the surface of light (A detailed investigation / By the Planck collaboration) (BICEP3 will map it all again!) And we'll soon be shown (Of foreground contamination / polarized by grain vibration) If the data holds (On their axis of rotation / With a large-scale correlation) Or turns to dust (From magnetic orientation / Made precise determination) Will we find our waves (Of a power law relation / Showing signal domination) In the polarizing (By galactic obfuscation / Which in future application) In the surface (Should allow for calibration / And component separation) The surface of light (For CMB isolation / The surface of light) Copyright © 2015, Tim Blais and A Capella Science All Rights Reserved.

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A Heartfelt Thank-You

You are the wind beneath my wings. Bohemian Gravity Poster: Subscribe! Donors ≥ $25 (Reverse Order): Patrick H. Kawina David Petersen Douglas Sweetser Charles Finlay Erica Watkins Sophie Ng Jing Yi Pongskorn Saipetch Daniel Simons Michael Arlow Alvaro Hermida Cole Gaboriault Sandy Ingrassia Tony and Stephanie Zettel Steven Skowronek Mick Fielding David Youngblood Prof. Daniel McIntosh Wendy Banner Carsten Rezny Patrick Hall Bruce Mount Katy Miller Carolyn Conrad Jeff Shaevel Cindy Lail Teresa Eshleman Rama Wusirika Clove Haviva Lucie Carriker Mariet Hofstee Sage Musick Amanda Grondin David Kelly Dan Pettigrew Adam Steacie Natasha Huckle Lhuissier Kim Yue Timo J. Rinne Jonathan Fortin Anthony Mack Garry Page David Barker consultsusanh Marcos Salas Pascual Ron Grimes Alex Ruelas Janette Larson Brian Bogdan Steve Krenek Anna Hoad Brice Rivé Rodrigo Arredondo Parra Bernhard Pichler Jakob Brask Pedersen Steve Ball Diana R Wallace Tommy J De Paul Susan Kegley Aatish Bhatia Research Advantage C. J. Stanbridge Mary Jordan Jen Grace Mac Beckett Jennifer Cray François Vogt Chris van Gorder Luigi Colaianni santino rodi Craig McPhie Felix Feist Julie Cleaves Helen Thompson james r annis Shem Malmquist Kyle Renfrey Franck Leroy Luke Michi Garrison Hank Green Jack Burgess Jeff Callas Stefanie Hirt Matt MacLean Terrel Antoine Deleforge Henning Krause Peter and Blythe White David Gustavsson Josh Mitchell David Perruchoud Lisa Bearsley Cynthia Shafer Adam Berkan Josh Brotherton Alex Karantza Rachele Dominguez Mike Vance Benjamin Lockwood Bruce Epstein Joshua Brown Kathryn Marvin Robert Myers Tina Johnston Len Dvorkin Debby Heyes Michael Gat jazzie129uk Desiree D'Souza Joshua Reusch Phil Broussard Daniel Miller Chandra Curry Marc Nerenberg Thomas Zalatnai Mary-Jane Blais Wendy K Zellers Eliott Mahou Joshua Murthy Ed Powell

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A Capella Science - Eminemium (Choose Yourself)

BOHEMIAN GRAVITY POSTER! iTunes: || Amazon: SUBSCRIBE! FACEBOOK! TWITTER! Music I Mentioned: Reuben War: The Electric Radio: My Own Music: CALGARY-AREA PEOPLE: I'm going to be at BEAKERHEAD! Endscreen Video Links: BEHIND THE SCENES: BOHEMIAN GRAVITY: Professional inquiries: acapellascience [at] snamanagement [dot] com --------------- Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To release all the energy you ever wanted In one moment Would you abuse it Or use it for good? They've armed the weapon Countdown clock is set and J. Robert Oppenheimer is sweatin' Eyes are red and he's nervous Cause on the surface this is armageddon The shock bomb, but we're set upon and threatened And with no sound the whole Alamogordo ground Is glowing and cowed under one smouldering cloud He's choked and wowed, everybody's open-mouthed And over the ground the shock front blows, kapow! Snap back to the alchemy Hope before tragedy Showed with bold math that we broke the whole atom We choked; controlled action with poles of cold cadmium coat To go capture neutrons and slow fracture We broke, postponed that and we chose to go fashion A most radioactive plutonium gadget then Fat Man and Boy and Enola goes laughin' As Nagasaki is blown and Hiroshima's blasted You gotta choose, yourself how to use it The knowledge you hold and Don't ever let a letter go You only get one shot to stop And one chance to know Responsibility comes once you're a science guy, yo! Neutrons escaping from a source radiating Merge and start atoms shaking; they begin To unglue toward a decreased order Entropic force distorts em And supercharged with loads of protons they can only go farther Cold war grows hotter--exothermal--Colorado to Joe Stalin Coast to coast holes; silos but there's no farmer Toe-to-toe drama NATO and Warszawa in co-assured trauma The globe groans everyone knows there's no calming So show your foes and implode your core column Quid pro quo Castle Bravo for Tsar Bomba And move on and leave atolls exposed to gross doses of old fallout; Slow-to-go toxins in shoals and so though we explode them no longer Still the proof lives on in the blue lagoon water, father You gotta choose, yourself how to use it The knowledge you hold and Don't ever let a letter go You only get one shot to stop And one chance to know Responsibility comes once you're a science guy, yo! When war games hit the stage of a gluon's rage There's a military boot on the new doc's page We were playing in the beginning, but grew up strange Making radar and missiles, and new bombs blazed And we kept grinding the lensed sights for the next sniper Best believe son it'll pay to design fighters All the gains of science analyzed by the Man provide plans for sarin and cyanide And our hands are blighted by crying Eyes when dying lands are slammed if our grants expand the fire brighter And there's no jury there's no sublime righter This is our fight And these minds are all ours so protect your pia mater Try to feed and water good, seed trust, flee dishonour Gotta be clean being Apollo stead of Vietnam and Lay the armour down and be the one to stand up And lead us on the trail of Spock We'll elevate these motley progeny To a future in a safer spot, an irrigated plot Homicide a way forgot Success is a lack of military options Failure's not Become a lover of a great and cosmic goal We cannot condone these terror plots So here we go it's our shot Feel frail or not This is the only world and humanity that we got You gotta choose, yourself how to use it The knowledge you hold and Don't ever let a letter go You only get one shot to stop And one chance to know Responsibility comes once you're a science guy, yo! You gotta make your own mind up, man.

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A Capella Science - Bohemian Gravity!

SUPPORT A CAPELLA SCIENCE ON PATREON: BOHEMIAN GRAVITY POSTER! iTunes: Amazon: Subscribe! Like me on facebook! Twitter! My MASTER'S THESIS: Other projects by Timblais: Timblais Music: Cabin 9: Professional inquiries: acapellascience [at] snamanagement [dot] com --------------- Is string theory right? Is it just fantasy? Caught in the landscape, Out of touch with reality Compactified On S5 or T*S3 Space is a pure void Why should it be stringy? Because it's quantum not classical Nonrenormalizable Any way you quantize You'll encounter infinity You see Quanta Must interact Via paths we understand Using Feynman diagrams Often, they will just rebound But now and then they go another way A quantum Loooooop Infinities will make you cry Unless you can renormalize your model Of baryons, fermions And all other states of matter Curved space: The graviton Can be thought of as a field But these infinities are real In a many-body Loop diagram Our results diverge no matter what we do... A Quantum Soup (any way you quantize) Kiss your fields goodbye Guess Einstein's theory wasn't complete at all! I see extended 1-D objects with no mass What's their use? What's their use? Can they give us quark plasma? What to minimize? What functional describes this String? Nambu-Goto! (Nambu-Goto) Nambu-Goto! (Nambu-Goto) How to quantize I don't know Polyakov! I'm just a worldsheet, please minimize me He's just a worldsheet from a string theory Reperametrized by a Weyl symmetry! Fermi, Bose, open, closed, orientable? Vibrations Modes! They become particles (particles!) Vibrations They become particles (particles!) Vibrations They become particles (particles!) Become particles (particles!) Become particles (many many many many particle...) Modes modes modes modes modes modes modes! Oh mamma mia mamma mia, Such a sea of particles! A tachyon, with a dilaton and gravity-vity-VITY (rock out!) Now we need ten dimensions and I'll tell you why (anomaly cancellation!) So to get down to 4D we compactify! Oh, Kahler! (Kahler manifold) Manifolds must be Kahler! (Complex Reimannian symplectic form) If we wanna preserve Any of our super-symmetry (Superstrings of type I, IIa and IIb) (Heterotic O and Heterotic E) (All are one through S and T duality) (Thank you Ed Witten for that superstring revolution and your new M-theory!) (Maldecena!) (Super-Yang-Mills!) (Type IIB String!) Dual! Dual! (In the AdS/CFT) (Holography!) Molecules and atoms Light and energy Time and space and matter All from one united Theory Any way you quantize... Lyrics and arrangement by Tim Blais and A Capella Science Original music by Queen

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A Capella Science - Rolling in the Higgs (Adele Parody)

SUPPORT A CAPELLA SCIENCE ON PATREON: Subscribe! FINALLY BACK ON ITUNES! Like me on facebook! Twitter! Yes, I play instruments too... --------------- There's a collider under Geneva Reaching new energies that we've never achieved before Finally we can see with this machine A brand new data peak at 125 GeV See how gluons and vector bosons fuse Muons and gamma rays emerge from something new There's a collider under Geneva Making one particle that we've never seen before The complex scalar Elusive boson Escaped detection by the LEP and Tevatron The complex scalar What is its purpose? It's got me thinking Chorus: We could have had a model (Particle breakthrough, at the LHC) Without a scalar field (5-sigma result, could it be the Higgs) But symmetry requires no mass (Particle breakthrough, at the LHC) So we break it, with the Higgs (5-sigma result, could it be the Higgs) Baby I have a theory to be told The standard model used to discover our quantum world SU(3), U(1), SU(2)'s our gauge Make a transform and the equations shouldn't change The particles then must all be massless Cause mass terms vary under gauge transformation The one solution is spontaneous Symmetry breaking Roll your vacuum to minimum potential Break your SU(2) down to massless modes Into mass terms of gauge bosons they go Fermions sink in like skiers into snow Lyrics and arrangement by Tim Blais and A Capella Science Original music by Adele

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